It feels skeptic when we go down just little in the past, when none of us have ever thought that in the coming times, we would be going to embrace a highly digital world. A world in which the digital medium would be pronounced as a first way to communicate and trade with the corporate market. Whom of us have ever thought of buying everything from market by just sitting in the solace of our home? From cellphones to watches, utensils to electronics, books to magazines and even much more, the digital world today has summed up this all in one common place – that is E-commerce.

E-commerce has taken the corporate world by storm. It has clinched the attention of potential marketers to market their products and services on it rather than on the old conventional structures. And that is the very reason, the E-commerce market has seen enormous growth and is continuously rising in each and every sector. It has allowed both marketers and customers from all walks and sectors to indulge in one common digital community.

But the problem is that this digital transformation has happened with great pace, and now the market is cluttered with tons of E-commerce contenders. Today we have giants like Amazon, eBay, Alibaba and many others dominating the market, which has made this circle even more competitive than the classical one. So the question arises that how companies should now form their strategies to remain proactive than one another to stay competitive in the market. Because the digital world is evolving day by day, and newer technologies are enabling them to prosper more accordingly. Hence the companies who remain passive with just present digital strategies and technologies will find it difficult in future to stay competitive in the e-commerce world, they surely would to move with new tips and tricks to remain relevant in the market.

So below we have tracked down some of the high facts and points that every e-commerce company should try to achieve and implement in order to stay competitive in the modern e-commerce world:

Mobile-ready & Custom-responsive experience:

Today the web world is driven by the mobile-friendly experience. Around 7/10 people do surf the internet with their hand-held smartphones and tablets. So it makes a big acquaintance for e-commerce marketers to make their e-commerce portals mobile-responsive and smartphones-ready in order to attract and engage more customers. Today everyone wants to surf and shop just using their palm and sitting in home. So to engage them to your shop market rather than to anywhere else, you should have a custom designed mobile-ready responsive store which always fulfills the needs of modern digital customers. As some of the top giants like Amazon & eBay are basically trending on top because of their innovative mobile responsive experience.

Make Online Shopping Engaging:

The success of any e-commerce store depends on two factors – Attract & Engage. Any ecommerce web portal should designed in such an aesthetic way that it would not only attract customers but it should also have those key strategic instruments which could engage customers accordingly. It could by anything like interactive product videos, audio reviews, virtual price tags or something which is custom designed to show more value of the products. The flavor of engaging instruments should be implemented after having a brief thought of the incoming traffic. One great example of it could be of Zappos – which has integrated video product overviews and customer reviews to engage more and more to the coming traffic. 

Integrate Future Technologies to Stay Ahead:

So far we have seen how the e-commerce world could be accessed from smartphones and other hand-held devices with complete ease, then why not move a little more forward towards other future techs. Consider other technologies like smart-watches, VR goggles, AI augmented devices to be also incorporated with e-commerce market in order to gain maximum advantage from the current transforming future trend. It will help your e-commerce store and your business to avail extra competitive advantage in the already cluttered industry.

Offer Round the Clock 24/7 Customer Service:

Proactive and efficient customer service is the must to have thing in any business around the world. Customers always wants quick and responsive support service to answer their queries and to help them engage more better with the system. Whereas with the growing value of e-customers everyday as well as their growing needs and demands, a professional 24/7 customer service is the most important factor in e-commerce community because it drives that particular e-commerce business to the heights of success with its customer dedicated help and support. Also the company which provides timely customer services gets a more rewarding competitive edge than the others in the market. While today, the customer support service has been made wider through various channels including live call, live chat and email support. So it’s up to the company which flavor they prefer for their customer support services.



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