By far web designing and development has been termed as one of the most-fastest emerging technologies in the world. It has made huge strides and developed itself as one of the core areas of any successful business in the world today. Interestingly, the field has overtaken all the other fields within just span of 10-15 years. Because the corporate world today prefers to operate largely over the internet, and web technologies are the answer for that. It is cheap, effective and highly transformational across all parts of the globe, a privilege to expand and market your business no other technology offers you.

But in the current times or could say with the continuous emergence of other new technologies, the field of web designing is too feeling the heat of challenges and future speculations. Android or iOS technologies could be considerably called as a competitor to web technology because of its highly efficient and targeted usability. Both of these challenges limited threats for web technology as a matter of user experience (UX) and operational characteristics are concerned.

So as the web design technologies continue to march forward in a full swing, there are some contenders which are posing serious concerns as a matter of futuristic technology is concerned. Wearable technology is one of them, which literally lets you ‘wear’ technology on yourself. It is the idea of future which is making its inroads in the market now or could say started to happen.

What is Wearable Technology?

With the advent of Google Android Wear, Apple iWatch and Samsung Gear, we can quickly grasp the next futuristic idea of technologists that where they are heading. Today by the advent of these accessories, technology has come a very long way, as you can make phone-calls, send messages, take videos and order online anything by just using the power of your wrist watch. It is the inception of the concept of wearable technology. It is the concept which is shifting the technology from being static to highly dynamic, transformational and affordable at the same time. So wearable technology can be rightly said as an idea that lets you wear a smartphone or computer, hence it will surely change the minds of consumers about how to interact with internet engaging with these futuristic accessories, which eventually poses a concern for the web designing world.

How It Challenges The Web Designing World:

Just only at its inception, the wearable technology has marked its presence in the market and is gaining market volume and attention day by day. A lot of naysayers will always keep denying that it will not pose any threat to current web technologies by any means, but a recent report from Pew Research Center Internet Project has highlighted reviews of around 83% industry tech experts, firmly believing that these wearable tech accessories are the next technology transition and in the coming 10-15 years, the world will embrace this technology highly. Meaning that wearable tech industry will see a huge growth in coming 15 years and will pave path for more advancements for other technologies. What it means to the web industry is that the web world would then become much easier to be accessed by these insane techs compared to the desktop, laptops and smartphones.

Whereas we know that as fast as the technology will start to expand, every other client and business owner would want to embrace that quickly. The corporate sector would then transform its availability to these wearable techs and would want their presence to be first accessible by these wearables rather than from desktops or phones. So at that point, the web designing world will then find real challenges in their way to maintain and sustain its usability in the technological circuit.

4 Ways to Advance to Wearable Tech Web Design for Designers:

  1. Make Your Design Responsive:

Today more than 60% of the web engagement occurs from the mobile devices. Every tom, dick and harry have smartphones today, and they love to interact with the web world with it. Websites which are not optimized for mobile experience are considerably not visited much as well as major search engines like Google & Bing also does not ranks them well in the relative search results. So studying that, the designers should prepare themselves well enough so they could build any app or website that could easily fit responsively on those future tech wearables.

  1. Instant Information:

Millennial nerds when visits any web applications, always try to find relevant information at once, they don’t want to surf around for a while as well as they want speedy and instant information to which they are looking for. There are many things in design structures which sometimes makes your application slow or keeps important content at back. So try to figure out the central idea of visitors, what they need & why they need from your source, and then plan your design structure accordingly so that you could always portray the best of your application every time in a faster way.

  1. Interactivity:

Being interactive and attractive is one of the most common pillars to engage visitor on your applications. Wearable tech apps are the best example how to be interactive efficiently. It allows users to dive in deep to the technology to which they are engaging with. What does it mean for web designing is that the design should not be static rather it should be dynamic according to range and niche of the visitors. As the web design pattern should be structured in such a dynamic way that it has a clear understanding of who your customers are and how to meet their requirements in a best possible way.

  1. Keep it simple and Clutter-free:

Well this point is not only for wearable tech consideration, rather it should it be applied on all sorts of designing platforms. Keep your web design clean and clutter-free, don’t overdose your design structure with added banners, icon, buttons, images and unwanted pop-ups. Try to embrace clean and flat design for your applications and considerable white spaces in your design structures so that it eases your web apps visual appearance and looks more intuitive.

So there are many other features and options available for web designers and developers to work on and enhance their skills to embrace the advancement to new wearable technology. Although wearable technology is only at its beginning and there is much to come, but these web design techies should be prepared well enough to transit along the new design transformation and should be ready to respond to this forthcoming stunning medium.


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