The future of technology is radically different from the systems that have dominated the global IT industry for decades. The dynamics of technology is rapidly changing with time and we are still counting on it. The advancement of technology is an ongoing process and it will continue to progress infinite limits. Hence for the same reasons, the age in which we are living in is rightly called the Era of technology.

Keeping an eye on the fast changing pace of technology, it is also said that now we are entering in an age of accelerated development of artificial and robotics technology. The age in which the robotics will take the lead on main center stage. So far we have started to see little glimpse of this advancement too. As many big industries around the world have chosen robot-augmented systems to automate their work and to increase the pace of the work. But this is only the beginning of a transformation, the transition which is going to took place in near future will define the fortunes of the technology.

The world is now moving towards the Artificial intelligence (AI) power packed era. The age in which robotics will come to life and the machines will be given the brain. The transition has already been started, as today we have certain things in our life which are already acquainted with Artificial intelligence. Basically artificial intelligence is an advanced concept which not only tends to automate your work but it is a phenomenon which makes it more reasonable to think and act like humans, actually much better than humans. The examples of AI augmented systems are around us and now coming more generally and easily than it could have ever come.

For example, today we are heavily dependent on Google to search and ask whole lot of things, and not only this, we always tends to ask Google in a manner like we are asking to any human to give us answers, and much astonishing fact is that Google never gets annoyed with us with stupid searches in fact it always gives the best possible results to our relevant searches. So how the Google does always provides such perfect results every time. Well this is nothing but the same Artificial intelligence. The mechanism behind this is nothing more but the algorithms based on Artificial intelligence which gives us the best relevant results.

IBM Watson – A Super Computer with Artificial Intelligence:

The technological giants around the world are working and moving fast towards the future of technology that is Artificial intelligence (AI). So far we have not seen any major robotic invention but a new dawn of technology is just about to rise, as promised by Global giants – IBM. After years of hard work and extensive thought process, the IBM authorities have now given world a little glimpse that what really would be Artificial intelligence in the near future with their ultra smart Watson Super computer.

In the next five years, every important decision, whether it’s business or personal, will be made with the assistance of IBM Watson. That’s the vision of IBM president and CEO Ginni Rometty. At IBM, these advanced techs are referred to as cognitive and defined as “systems that learn at scale, reason with purpose and interact with humans naturally.”

This advanced IBM Watson systems can learn from experience and instructions and are capable of ingesting and understanding extensive data, both structured and unstructured. Making them a perfect example of highly power packed future AI systems.

IBM Watson is not just capable of reasoning over such data, which is being produced at an unprecedented rate, but it can also identify patterns, form hypotheses and judgment, and even provide potential solutions that aren’t possible through traditional analysis. It uses natural language processing and analytics to quickly analyze, understand and respond to Big Data, thereby transforming decision-making across a variety of industries.

IBM Watson took the technological world by storm, when it became the champion of famous game show ‘Jeopardy’ beating two former champions of the game that too in the same round. To demonstrate its AI abilities, Watson challenged two top-ranked players on Jeopardy, and beat champions Ken Jennings and Brad Rutter in 2011. The Watson avatar sat between the two other contestants, as a human competitor would, while its considerable bulk sat on a different floor of the building. And like other contestants, IBM Watson had no Internet access either.

So the systems like IBM Watson have started to open newer doors of technology with its advanced AI and cognitive practices. But the thought process doesn’t stops here as more other advanced AI technologies have started to enter in the market, like recently released Samsung Galaxy S8 Bixby AI Assistant is an example which can literally make you feel damn amazed.



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