The technology in today’s world is constantly evolving in every field and is making the lives of humans more easier but on the same hand a bit dependent. But this dependency makes us more comfortable and care free from multiple things to control. We are constantly working in producing different self-driven machines just to make the human work load more less and to perform multiple tasks at the same time. In the same context, we have seen in the past years that there are number of different technologies emerged associated with the machines & electronic devices, which has taken up the big industries on its own, reducing the human dependence lesser, in fact taking up the tasks and challenges more accurately and precisely than the humans. While many has predicted that it is basically the transition of modern technology towards the future technology which will be lesser human work load and greater machine oriented.

But in the past years, a different technology has emerged associated with the machines that makes them even more reliable and basically more thinkable & understandable when it comes to handling multiple tasks cleverly. A technology which makes the machine to think and perform like humans in tough conditions, performing tasks logically as the human brain does. That is what we call “Artificial Intelligence (AI)”. Artificial intelligence is a scientific procedure through which we can enable machines to stimulate human intelligence processes as logically as the human brain does. It is a branch of computer science that emphasizes in the creation of intelligent machines that work and react like humans.

The processes in Artificial intelligence (AI) include Learning, in which machines are built up in a manner in which it can learn various conditions as like humans to react accordingly, it could be pattern recognition or data recognition which makes it to learn different conditions. AI process also includes understanding the reason for anything before executing any task, so that the machine could relatively perform tasks more logically. It also includes self-correctness that in any situation machine has some program embedded which can roll back any execution in case of any misleading points.

Types of Artificial Intelligence (AI):

Although Artificial Intelligence (AI) looks as a one comprised technology. But the researchers have classified Artificial Intelligence (AI) into two major types according to its ability of performance. The two proposed classification are the Narrow AI (often called the Weak AI), and the other one is the Strong AI.

The Narrow AI is an intelligence that is specially designed to perform some specific tasks assigned to it. It is an application of Artificial Intelligence (AI) that enables high functioning system to work for a dedicated purpose for which it is designed. Many current systems which uses the Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies within it can be classified as Narrow AI. The most well known example of a system based on Narrow AI is of IBM’S Watson Supercomputer. A computer program that uses AI which applies cognitive computing, machine learning and natural language processing to perform as a “question answering” machine. Watson actually outperformed a finalist human contestant and eventually became the champion in a popular game show called Jeopardy.

Another classification of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the Strong AI. It is majorly comprised of a system that involves comprehensive knowledge and cognitive capabilities such that its performance is indistinguishable from that of a human, although its speed and ability to process data is far greater. It is basically the kind of Artificial Intelligence (AI) with such abilities that when any unfamiliar or unprecedented task is assigned to it, it does possess enough intelligence that it finds the solution of it every time. However, we have yet to see a real model of Strong AI or systems that are actual simulations of human cognition, as this is a very difficult problem to solve.

Applications of Artificial Intelligence (AI):

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is reportedly increasing with time in different technologies around us. Today we have many technologies evolved which uses Artificial intelligence to propagate their services as similar as the human brain tends to provide.

The one major example of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the video games we play daily on our systems, that uses a large part of AI algorithms within it. But over the past years, the complexity and effectiveness of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been improved drastically in video games. It has brought a major correspondence change between the system and the playing person, which results the video game characters that learn your behaviors, respond to stimuli, and react in unpredictable ways. The popular first person shooter games like Far Cry and a famous gaming franchise Call Of Duty, have made huge advancements in their game-play AI’s. As with enemies that can analyze their environments to find objects or actions that might be beneficial to their survival, they’ll take cover, investigate sounds, use flanking maneuvers, and communicate with other character AIs to increase their chances of victory.Because of this unbelievable intelligent gaming environment associated with the Artificial Intelligence (AI), huge number of people every year gets interacted with these video games, which as a result has made this gaming industry a huge corporate & business market of today’s world.

Another evolving concept of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the production of Smart Cars. The cars which have enough intelligence that enable them to self-drive on the road or on the highways without anyone steering or handling it. Recently Google’s self-driving car project and Tesla’s “autopilot” feature are the two examples that have been in the news lately. According to sources, Google has developed an algorithm that could potentially enable self-driving cars learn to drive in the same way as the humans do through experience. The AI developed for the program is reported with same Artificial Intelligence (AI) as used in the simulation driving games. The idea behind replicating a video game AI on a real live project is that, the car will be able to “look” at the road ahead of it and make decisions based on what it sees, helping it learn in the process about how to drive and what speed to drive.


So Artificial Intelligence (AI) across different platforms of technology is continuously growing with each passing day. Transforming the future technology to newer dimension and self-functioning is the main idea behind this transition. But achieving a complete remote or robot intelligence will still require a bit of time. As the systems with complete Artificial Intelligence (AI) is predicted to be the discovery of the door towards the next generation of technology.


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