The Artificial intelligence (AI) is advancing the technological barriers with each passing day. It is changing the way we think and act in a more symmetric and systemized way. More and more companies are shifting their way towards the Artificial intelligence systems because of its intelligent and automated results. Today many companies have introduced a lot of AI features in their specific applications. Perfect examples are of Samsung’s newly launched Bixby assistant, Apple’s Siri, IBM’s Watson computer and many more.

But now the AI technology is even going bigger with the induction of neuroscience in it. As the neuroscientists from America have made a system first time for the common people which could act as an alternative artificial brain for them. Just imagine you had recently moved to a new city, and still you are building your mental database about different places in the city like restaurants, theme-parks, super-marts and other common places. So if there is a system that could intelligently sort out the places and other things for you of that city according to your preferences, like you are a crazy Chinese food lover but you don’t know where to go. Well incredibly, an American based Artificial intelligence (AI) company have successfully created a solution for this.

Naralogics, a neuroscience-based Artificial intelligence company have created a system which could show you the exact results according to your brain thoughts& personal preferences. Like someone who loves Thai-food very much and planning a dinner tomorrow, but doesn’t know where to find in the city, the system will read your vibes & preferences and will show you the exact places with best Thai-foods. Not limiting here, if you’re a horror picture lover and wanted to enjoy a horror-film after your dinner, the system will show you the exact results to which you will love to watch on.

The company behind this innovative AI algorithm – Naralogics, is the creation of a former research scientist at MIT Nathan Wilson, who holds a doctorate in brain and cognitive sciences. He studied all his academic and professional life about the mysterious neural networks, and Naralogics a brain-like platform is the outcome of his ever-curious thinking.

The main idea behind the inception of this incredible AI platform was that, it is a system designed for the common people, from where people can experience the practices of Artificial intelligence (AI) in their routine work. As there are much bigger technological giants operating in the industry like Google, Microsoft, IBM, Baidu and many others who are just giving their AI services on their specific commercial platforms. The Naralogics AI program therefore distinguishes it from the rest of the platforms because it is providing artificial intelligence on a much complexed as well as on general level. As said by the founder Nathan Wilson itself:

“Nara is AI for the people.”

While Naralogics has also announced its revolutionary AI services for the high-end data analysis-to-interference needs of financial services companies. The goals of that services are to use Nara’s platform to improve and provide new services that bring merchants and consumers close together with interactive AI solutions.

Hence the key to Nara’s technology is personalization. Nara is essentially an artificial matchmaking system that finds and understands entities in any dataset, from people and places to businesses and abstract concepts, then builds a massive knowledge graph that shows weighted links between those entities. Nara then inserts users right into that knowledge graph which offers personalized recommendations. Knowing a bit about the user is what allows Nara to light up to other things they might like, and after the system can scrape public databases to enhance its knowledge.

So on the conclusion, Naralogics is an advanced Artificial intelligence (AI) system that is focused on turning big data into smart data. A system which is constituted on Neuro-AI platform that combines brain research and technology to help people better understand their inner thoughts and know what actions could be taken based on that information.



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