The human-computer interaction has undergone great developments since the days of punch cards. The scientists over the time came with different ideas and developments to bridge the gap between humans and machines. These efforts led to the invention of keyboards, mice and touch screens which made computational power more accessible and friendly. While the computers themselves have undergone from great changes. The machines have gradually moved from mainframe computers to desktop PC’s, laptops, smartphones and beyond. If we analyze practically the world around us, we will notice the fact that there is ‘computer’ in everything. From coffee makers to vehicles, airplane engines to X-ray machines, the foot-prints of computer system are heavily founded everywhere. So it elaborates the fact that computers are not only the single box which we use to perform dedicated operations but it is a machine which has indulged in our different walks of life.

But now, a new revolution is on its way that will change the synopsis of human-computer interaction completely. It is basically the concept to represent machines as virtual humans with virtual brains, and hence it is proudly called Artificial intelligence (AI). The Artificial intelligence breakthroughs are causing a revolution in the space. The AI-embedded technologies are silently redefining the way we make our intentions known to computers.

Natural Language Processing (NLP) – Voice AI Core:

We have always dreamed to have computers that could understand human voice as naturally as it is spoken and could perform relative tasks & operations according to it. This is as well a chain of context to get more flexible with the machines, as earlier we have switched to keyboards to interact with machines more flexibly, then we switched to touch screens to interact more easily, and now we are moving towards voice interaction to get more accessible and acquainted with the machines. All because of AI’s interactive Natural language processing (NLP) technology. NLP is considered as the core voice technology behind many of the available voice recognition platforms in the market including Apple’s Siri, Google assistant, Samsung Bixby and many more.

Through NLP, we no longer need to interact with computers through rigid user interfaces and limited voice commands. NLP has helped Google’s search engine become much smarter at pulling up results. It is now much better at answering questions with improved voice recognition techniques. NLP as well as AI-enhanced speech recognition have contributed greatly to the rise in popularity of voice search. Also you could see the power of NLP in AI-powered chat-bots. The fluid and natural experience these chat-bots provide can potentially make messaging apps a replacement for specialized apps.

AI For the Brain – Neurotechnology:

It looks a stuff of Hollywood sci-fi movies to send signals & commands to your machines using your brain directly. But what if we tell you that many neuro-tech gurus are deliberately working on this to achieve this prospect in reality, and the developments in the past couple of years show that we might not be too far from willing our computers to execute operations based on our brain signals.

Facebook recently revealed an initiative to build a computer interface for the human brain. The company aims to enable you to type a hundred words per minute with your mind. Facebook also wants to let users navigate AR/VR environments with their minds instead of controllers. Instead of using implants, facebook hopes to use sensors that can read brain activity through optical imaging technology.

While a popular tech figure Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla recently initiated the idea how to go deep into someone’s mind. For this Musk has recently launched ‘Neuralink’, a company which is dedicated to research methods how to upload and download thoughts from brain. Yes it does sounds completely weird, but Musk defines this as it would be the biggest breakthrough in the field of neurosciences and it would carve new techniques to learn the most complexed architecture of the world that is Human brain. So Musk & co are keen to achieve this technology & wants to brake this barrier in the near future.

So there are other numerous technologies on which many tech-scientists are working to achieve high AI-empowered results. But many of them are still on its conceptual paths, where ideas empower you think big and great. While this is also the main motive of these AI tech scientists, because according to them, artificial intelligence has the power to challenge any human behavior to machine readable transform, so achieving great AI results would bring newer era of virtual technology.



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