Today many of us have been highly obsessed with our routine clothing stuff, as we take a considerable amount of time every day to think about our clothing wardrobe, what to wear, when to wear, and what next to wear. While clothing industry is also one of the biggest among many of the other industries in the world. It makes around an average of $300 billion annually according to latest report documented in United States. Every day we see number of different brands entering in market with their numerous fashion stocks, making our clothing market cluttered and richer day by day.

But that’s not the topic on which we are debating today, instead we will be looking into how over the years the sense of fashion and clothing evolved in the human civilization, as we know that millions of years ago there wasn’t even any concept of clothes in the people of dark era. This also leads us to discover the patterns of how the modern human civilization evolved from that dark era till today.

We all know that the human civilization is staged into different names according to physic, ages and many other things. Like today all the humans exists in the world are from the modern class of ‘Homo sapiens’. Before us, there were different other classes of ‘Apes’ existed in the world, conquered different lands on the earth, but as the time evolved, those species lost their existence and only early homo sapiens that is us remained on the face of the earth.

It is believed that in the early age of Homo sapiens, there wasn’t any concept of clothing in the people of that era. As the huge part of this class was evolved from the origins of ancient Africa, where they were used to live in hot and dry forests. So there wasn’t any sense of clothing as well as living life style in the people in that part of the Dark Age. Later they started to move out towards Europe and Asia by which this civilization finally spread across all over the world.

But there is a huge debate over the first ever usage of clothing in the human race. As the history of emergence of early Homo sapiens dates back very deep, the lack of any archaeological or fossil evidence results very difficult in pinpointing any exact date that determines the use of clothing. So for that reason, scientists sorted another way to change the thought process in a bid to discover when early humans started wearing clothes.

The humans who first lived in Africa, were used to live in very hot and dry weather conditions. As most of the early civilization lived in wild forests across the whole African continent, have no concerns for any clothing whatsoever. But eventually, when some part of people started to move out from that region and migrated towards Europe and Asia, spreading the civilization, got their concerns because of changing seasons and temperature conditions. Because other parts of the world were far sight colder than the African continent, meaning the sense of having something on the body in the form clothes started prevailing from that time, as eventually it became a necessity to survive in those areas.

While the historians also points out one another major factor which leads towards clothing was that, the early humans after some time started losing hairs on their body, because the class before than Homo sapiens had big and thick hairs on their body, all of their bodies were covered with thick hairs. Hence the early Homo sapiens is therefore distinguished as a separate class from them because of reduced level of hairs on their body, making their body ‘furless’ than the older ones. So historians conclude this point as another fact that caused humans to start finding clothes from that time.

But still the above story is only said to be hypothesized and doesn’t makes up on any real evidence. Hence the scientists recently have come up with a newer theory and renewed evidence of the emergence of clothing. A new study from University of Florida have documented with proof that the evolution of lice shows modern humans started wearing clothes about 170,000 years ago. The report has made its finding with the help of emergence of body lice and has claimed this parasite has emerged with the start of first ever clothing concurrently.

Like as we all know, the humans are bothered very much with two kinds of lice, which is head lice and body lice. So scientists have pointed out an obvious fact that body lice would not have been existed without clothes, it should be emerged concurrently when first clothes would be used. As body lice can only live on clothes, and dating back when these lice came into existence, the research showed that body lice splatted out from the lice family about 170,000 years ago. So it documents a clear evidence that if the body lice has first existed 170,000 years ago, the clothing concept would have also been first emerged at the same time simultaneously.

While as far as the emergence of modern fabric or textile is concerned. The historians points out about 27,000 years ago, humans first started weaving clothes formally. It was first noted with the Venus figurines – little statues of women, which were first found wearing some clothes weaved perfectly at that time.

So starting from there, many post civilizations produced different materials that bring fashion in clothing. The famous example could be from the ancient Egyptians, who invented ‘Linen’ around 5500 B.C, the fabric which is till now the most favored when it comes to fashion. Whereas the silk fabric was invented by the ancient Chinese civilization around 4000 B.C.

So from there on, different communities added different flavors of clothing & fashion in their respective period of time, and because of that today we are acquainted with a huge industry of fabrics and clothing worldwide.



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