The marketing world has transformed quite drastically soon as the concept of Digital marketing arrived in the circuit. It has changed the old conventional techniques of marketing with its efficient and creative methods of targeting of online audience. Because we all know corporate sector today has been deeply entrenched with web world to create more possibilities and opportunities of success within their competitive ranks. That’s where Digital marketing struck the chords and rang the bells of futuristic marketing, and is now trending as the phantom of marketing for the next century.

Nearly more than half of tech industry experts anticipate that in the next coming years, digital marketing will take as the center stage of success & optimism for any business around the world. The industry will see immense growth in the digital marketing circuit and it will take complete control over the conventional marketing and classical customer experience practices. Just in 2016, the global industry witnessed more than 40% growth by the virtue of modern digital marketing, and now in 2017 it is expected to grow quite bigger than that.

There have been different contributing factors behind the growth and expansion of digital marketing. For sure, Mobile has played an extensive part and is been one of the prime factors behind the growth of digital branding. As nearly more than 65% of all the web traffic is being driven by smartphones users. The current Android and iOS era has let the marketers to focus on these platforms as they are hugely driven by number of potential customers, because these customers always looks for instant and interactive informations, and mobile branding is the perfect answer for that.

While technologies like Artificial intelligence (AI) & Internet of Things (IoT) are also relatively new in the tech circuit, but these are incorporated by digital marketing as a matter of technological advancement in marketing norms. It has already started to define a new level of marketing experience with its creative targeted acquisitions. As with Artificial intelligence (AI) profound techniques, companies have started to target customers and clients with customized approach of intelligent marketing.

One of the biggest implication of modern digital marketing is that it has provided geo-targeting based marketing approach for every potential client. A marketing technique which identifies customers based on their specific-products requirements. It allows the companies to market their products based on specific products and audience targeting all around the globe. And the popular mediums for that are social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and many others.

While the rise of Search engine marketing has also contributed a lot as a sub-marketing field in the innovative path of digital marketing. Google Adwords specifically can be stated as the flag-holder of the modern search engine marketing. It enables businesses to choose and market their products and services depending upon the geographic location, niche and product preference of the customers. So all these creative digital marketing mediums combined have given shape to the future of cost effective and intelligent digital branding.

Branding Advantages of Digital Marketing:

  1. Better Online Engagement:

Today everyone is online on the web world. From millenials to grownups, everyone likes to socialize as well as wants to commercialize their business over the web world. In the current times, most immensely trending Ecommerce business is one of the fine example of that. A business which has totally taken birth over internet and continues to expand more and more. Because web world is the only medium which gives you the leverage to attract and engage customers from all around the world. And not only that, social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ are also getting commercialized because of its wide audience reach and better brand engagement. Summing up all these social and commercial platforms, one could find obvious answers why branding has infinite advantages while operating online.

  1. More Trust & Reliability:

If you are still practicing with the classical cold calling marketing norms, then you are potentially asking your targeted customers to trust you without any solid and visual base. So as a result, clients would not get attract to what you are presenting and eventually the marketing plan collapses. Whereas operating on digital platforms online, you get the competitive edge to show live what really your business is about and how well you are accomplished in the market. This automatically builds the trust factor in the customer’s mind and as a result just a rawaudience becomes real potential customers and important leads.

  1. Cost-effectiveness:

The most important and convincing advantage of digital marketing is its cost-effectiveness than any other marketing practices. It allows you to reach every region of the globe with least-minimum cost expenditure. Because it operates digitally and largely over the internet, it brings huge compatibility with itself to market with diverse and customized creativity for every other individual. Whereas if you compare any of the conventional marketing technique, none will give you the privilege to market with such diversity and cost-effective budget.

  1. Compatibility With Emerging Techs:

We all know well how big and versatile technological market is today with everyday new entrants cluttering the industry with insane techs. All of them incorporate the web world within them, and that’s what the digital marketers look for. Current emerging technologies like wearable techs (Smart-watches, VR-glasses) are the ones digital marketers are preparing for. Because integrating with these innovative future techs would bring digital marketing just in the wearing grasp of potential marketers.


So the future of branding by the virtue of expansion of digital marketing is huge and is emerging with time. With the emergence of new technologies, digital marketers will find ways for their selves to integrate within it. So because of that exact reason, companies today are investing big in increasing in their digital marketing budgets and teams because they know that this marketing medium has the clear potential to engage and interact with the future of technology that is coming to embrace the world.



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